Tuesday, August 01, 2006

No Man is an Island!

He's a peninsula.

Dennis Prager's latest article is on "World Opinion" and how we should not give a damn about it.
If you are ever morally confused about a major world issue, here is a rule that is almost never violated: Whenever you hear that "world opinion" holds a view, assume it is morally wrong.
That seems simple enough. The bulk of Prager's proof involves all the deaths caused around the world that nobody cared / cares about, going back to the Holocaust, and including the millions killed by Stalin and Pol Pot, as well as more recent genocides. The bulk of examples he cites were, in fact, soundly criticized by the world; but they didn't lead to military intervention. This is a weird argument for him to make at this point in time, as Israel is putting hundreds of Lebanese civilians to death, and he doesn't want anybody to put a stop to that.

But weak and confusing proof is enough for his audience, because the underlining message is "screw those prissy and condescending Europeans." And that's a message the right wing always loves to hear.

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