Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Moderate Republicans

Paul Weyrich has another article today; he's very prolific apparently. This one has the intriguing title, "A 2006 Democratic Sweep and A Precursor to 2008?" Strangely enough, his conclusion is actually that the Dems could see a sweep this fall.
Here is why I believe the Democrats will win big this November - big enough to control both Houses. This is the sixth-year itch election. During the last century, only once did voters not take it out on the party in power after six years.
He could be right; certainly I'd like to think he is. Certainly he's very honest in saying that the American people are a bit fed up with this President and how he's handled things.

I'm curious as to what Weyrich's long term plans are for the party. Clearly he would like to see it go back to a more moderate and humble Republicanism, a party that holds the line on increased spending and regulation but doesn't seem to do much else. That is sort of a relief after the utopian fantasies of the Bush Administration (not to mention the dystopic fantasies of a Malkin or a Limbaugh).

The question is whether the sort of Republicanism Weyrich envisions is a tactic or a program. Traditionalist Republicans and Libertarians might very well like to move away from the military adventurism as well as the constant partisan rancor. On the other hand more practically minded Limbaugh Republicans and Neo-Conservatives might realize they have over extended themselves, and it's time for a retrenchment. Hard to know which is which.

And it poses a question for Democrats - do we let them walk away from the Bush Doctrine?

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