Thursday, August 17, 2006

Your Weekly Rush Flights from Reality

Caught a bit of Rush's show yesterday in which he made shared this fascinating insight into how Hezbollah thinks.
Ladies and gentlemen, I think the Hezbos have learned a great deal from the American left. The Hezbos have created their own little welfare state inside of Lebanon, and now all these Lebanese people are totally dependent on them . . .
This is standard Republican thinking - The Democrats essentially bribe poor people into voting for them and that's why we win elections constantly.

I can just imagine Hezbollah leaders sitting around thinking "So of all the revolutionary evil movements in the world which can we copy? The Democratic Party. After all their policy of welfare programs is so successful that their last president ran on shutting down said welfare programs."

I also note that the United States is hardly first on a list of the great welfare states, which indicates Hezbollah might have picked up this particular strategy elsewhere.

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