Thursday, August 24, 2006

An Ill Wind

Tim Chapman's latest article argues that times may be changing for the Republican party for the better. He has a nifty original idea; why not use the war on terror to scare voters into voting Republican?

Ok that's not very original.

But he argues that world events have conspired to remind Americans that if they don't want to get blown up they'd better vote for President Bush. And in order to underline that point he advises Congress to take up giving President Bush more power after the recess.
The administration's firm conviction that the American people do in fact expect the President to use programs like TSP will only add to Bush's, and his fellow congressional Republican's, desire to pass a law ensuring that such programs are constitutional. Expect lawmakers to take that up as soon as Congress returns from its August recess. Indeed, even before this recent ruling congressional plans had been in place to act on legislation that would give the Terrorist Surveillance Program a congressional seal of approval, but now, conservatives in Congress have another incentive to act quickly, and they should.

James Carafano of The Heritage Foundation, an expert on Homeland Security and terrorism, recently argued that congress should do all in its power to give the President the tools he needs to successfully fight the war on terror.
One thing I would like explained is why the Presidents TSP (Terrorist Surveillance Program) can't operate under the FISA constraints.

At any rate we'll have to see how Democrats in Congress react to this; if they roll over and play dead, I would think it would bode poorly for them in November. But they may decide that Chapman's right and the best way to look like they are serious on terror is to be President Bush's lapdog. We'll find out in a little while.

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