Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Bill Murchinson's latest article is a bit bizarre. Here's the opening lines.
Psst. A friendly suggestion for Americans yearning to end the Republican grip on political power:

Vote Republican this fall.
Ummm - how exactly will voting for Republicans help me break the grip of power Republicans have?

It's very simple. Democrats don't like Wal-Mart. Republicans love Wal-Mart. So vote for Republicans.

Wait that still doesn't make sense. Let me unpack it further. Democrats will attack Wal-Mart. The American people love Wal-Mart. Democratic attacks on Wal-Mart will hurt the Democratic party. So you need to vote for Republicans to keep Democrats from making this awful mistake.

So you have to keep giving Republicans power, so they can turn off the American people more and more and eventually be driven from power. If you give Democrats power, they will just turn off the American people and be driven from power.

What's that looking glass doing back there?

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