Thursday, August 31, 2006

That Murderous Ann Coulter

I mean murderous in this case not to suggest that Ann actually murders people. Just that she is a big fan of murder. She has a lot of people she wishes would get murdered. And today you can add another person to that list. Lincoln Chafee.

Anns latest article has the catchy title, "They Shot the Wrong Lincoln." Very clever. And it makes Anns point - she wishes we lived in an America where we fight, not with rhetorical barbs, but with bullets and bombs.

But wait, maybe she's only joking. Nope! I'll bet she thinks she's joking, and I'll bet the dimwitted dimwits who like her think she's joking, but as Rush Limbaugh has explained again and again a joke has to be at least partially in the truth for it to be funny. And when Ann jokes about murdering her political enemies again and again, one has to assume there's something real behind the jokes.

Again, I obviously don't think Ann would dirty her hands by murdering herself. I mean murdering personally. I just think she wouldn't mind if someone else shot and killed Lincoln Chafee and would probably jump to their defense.

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