Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bret Prelutsky vs. Pat Buchanan

Frankly it's not contest. Pat Buchanan could take down Bret Prelutsky with one hand tied behind his back, and the other hand tied to a rampaging tiger. Particularly when Prelutsky is going to say such blatantly mendacious things as this.
The fact that the terrorists don't wear uniforms means that every time the Israelis kill one of them, Buchanan and his ilk get to insist that Israel is targeting civilians.
How many terrorist children has Israel killed? Israel is killing civilians largely indiscriminately. Yeah some of them might be terrorists, which I suppose is a real comfort to the civilian laying next to them.

He then makes the ridiculous argument that if you compare the Arab League's land with Israel's land, the Arab League has a lot more land than Israel. Shouldn't the land they have be enough? I wonder how he feels about land reform in Latin America; taking land away from people who aren't using it and who have millions of acres and giving it to poor farmers. I suspect he'd find that somewhat offensive and communist.

But even that's missing the point, which is that that land is divided among 22 nations. And to simply say that all of those nations have the same interests and desires and can be treated as a single entity is to be monumentally stupid. The kind of stupidity that usually belongs in a parody, not in real life.

So yeah, a debate between the lightweight Prelutsky and the heavyweight (but often wrong) Buchanan would probably be brief.

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