Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Liberal Plan for Women

Kevin McCullough's latest article takes Liberals to courting the woman vote, doing things like allowing Debbie Wasserman Schultz to assume control of the DNC.
They intend to win the votes of women, and they will lie, confuse, and mislead if necessary to do so.
Yep we're just awful. He lists a number of prominent Conservative woman politicians to prove that Conservatives just care about women more, and then says this.
. . . a simple question for Rep. Schultz, "Where is your proof that the GOP is at war with these ladies?" Because while I'm not 100% certain, I'm fairly sure none of them embrace your ideas of equality for women--a world without men, where butchery of your own children is praised, immoral liberties are encouraged, and the idea of nurturing one's children is the equivalent to dropping a nuclear bomb.
A world without men? This in an article where he admits that admits that Schultz is married and has children (and even concedes that she might be a pretty good mother). It then turns around and ascribes to Schultz all of these cliches.

Presumably McCullough really does believe that we liberals, particularly liberal woman, want a world with no men and praise the butchery of our own children. Either he believes that is what sort of people we are or he is simply a deceitful propagandist.

The comments seem to contain multiple posts by a guy who believes that Liberalism is wanting to turn Heterosexual males into Diaper Dads.

UNTIL 50% of men in office are repalced by women.. that's their whoopi-agenda.

(now you know...) .. DIAPER DADS WE ARE TO MADE...

This includes School Boards, local, County and State government (in which to warm up) along with the Federal Government. To be 'included' are Judges all the way up to and 'including' SCOTUS. Add to this.. corporations plus Government departments and agencies.


.. while mommy legislates, adjudicates, governs or runs a corporation.
That should probably be "DIAPER DADS WE ARE TO BE MADE." Still kind of awkward.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Surveying the Field

Jonah Goldberg's latest article is in praise of a field of electable Republicans, people like Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney and Mitch Daniels. Both Romney and Gingrich have shown that they can reach the middle ground (Romney with his Romneycare defense, Gingrich with his mockery of Ryans Medicare phase-out).
For those paying attention, these should be fascinating developments given the perennial claims that the GOP base is too right wing, extremist and closed-minded to tolerate such philosophical diversity. (And with the exception of Gingrich and Paul, there are no Southerner candidates in a party allegedly captured by the South.)

. . . It also suggests that the front-runners -- a group that includes former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty -- might be ahead of the rank and file of the GOP.
Now that's an interesting tack to take; suggesting these moderate candidates are more intelligent than the base. Of course Gingrich did have to walk back his comments on phasing out Medicare (and has also stated that anybody who replays clips of that appearance is lying), and Romneys defense of Romneycare was in the middle of an attack on Obamacare. So maybe the base still has a few cards. And let's see what the base has to say.
Would anyone in their right mind vote for Ron Paul?! He's odd, weird, and did I mention odd? Strange choice.

Romney has flipped flopped more than my beach sandles. Newt does a commercial with Pelosi on climate change and wants health care mandates?

NO WAY is Romney electable! We all ready know that. I heard him described yesterday as a cardboard person. Very descript.

Bomb thrower Newt needs to get out also...he might just be trying to sell books.

Michele Bachman is another limited appeal bomb thrower.
Still there are some things that unite them.

So I'm sure they'll pull it together when the election actually comes around. Or not.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Fear the Muslim and his Money Donating Ways

John Ransom's latest article is about an South Florida Imam and some of his family members who donated to the "Muslim Taliban," who were going to use that money to overthrow the Pakistani Government and maybe kill Americans in the process. Of course this leads to a fairly blanket if sarcastic condemnation of American Muslims.
Oh, those poor Muslims in America. Cue the Council on American-Islamic Relations and other unindicted co-conspirators to give us one of their stock racism lectures.

Unindicted co-conspirators are always feeling the backlash in the U.S. of the actions of just a few very prominent heroes in their community. Those heroes, we’re assured, always seemed harmless as they were plotting to murder and maim.

The presumed “backlash” probably has nothing to do with the fact that Muslims tolerate such people in their midst. The spokesmen for the mosques always seem SO shocked that such people are their leaders. Their ignorance is reassuring to me.
Actually Muslim Leaders are waiting for the rule of law to proceed, according to the Wall Street Journal.
Mr. Ba-Yunus said the mosque has suspended Mr. Khan indefinitely and has been in regular contact with the U.S. Attorney's Office and the FBI.

If the accusations against the imam are true, "we unconditionally condemn" his actions, said Mr. Ba-Yunus. But he emphasized that "these are the alleged acts of a few people and one family" and not representative of the broader Muslim community.
That's probably not good enough for the likes of Ransom and his readers; they should be condemning him unconditionally even before the evidence is in. Of course his readers have pretty strong opinions on Islam.
Time to round them all up and ship them back to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran or wherever it is these vermin migrate from.

There is no peaceful muzzie and they all need to be deported right out of this Christian nation.
I wonder what he wants to do to the ones who were born here.
All muslims are soldiers in the Army of Islam. Be he shopkeeper, book keeper, imam or terrorist, all are soldiers.
Some train in far off bases to commit acts of terror.
Some emigrate to foreign countries where they become an intelligence network, a disbursing corps and a supply corps. They set up safe houses and underground railroads for the terrorist arm. The terrorists are but the Special Forces of the Army of Islam. They are the spearhead of military action.
The "moderate" muslims are the regular soldiers and everywhere they settle they awari the call to take up arms and follow their Special Forces in conquest for Islam.
We are at war. We are at war with a religion. We are at war with a religion that is also an army.
And that army is over ONE BILLION strong.
Now that's grim and apocalyptic. But why focus just on our Muslim Enemies, when there are also liberal bedwetters out there?
Liberal bed wetters - Their keyword is racist or racism. What a tired bunch of morons!

And if wanting a bunch of smelly, nasty, dirty swine deported out of America is racist, well so be it!

As for the libtards - I want you deported as well. You do nothing but lie, steal and destroy everything you touch. You serve no purpose other then to suck at the public teet. Time for the law of the fittest to take over and allow you to expire as should have occurred by natural selection at some point in your despicable little lives. You are good for nothing!
I actually do hold down a regular job, but it is tangentially related to the Government so I suppose I am despicable.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Thoughts on Thor

Relayed from AlternativeRight by Bleeding Cool. The reviewer saw it as a multi cultural mess, but it was defended by commentators.
The movie works fine from a White racial perspective - I see the addition of a Black Heimdal as a minor concession to get the film produced and marketed in 2011 America. And this Black Heimdal has a really bad job - being a Black doorman/gate keeper who must work 24/7/365 far, far away from the fun of the White gods in Asgard.

Thor is perfectly cast - the little Nordic White boy actor of young Thor is also very good, so is the presentation of Loki - a sinister, alien looking being who was taken at birth from a foreign race and raised to be a son of Odin, even though he isn't. NS folks should notice a nice parallel to alien Semitic races who have lived amongst us, but are always, somehow not quite right.

The Thor - Jane Fonda chemistry is excellent, a really solid White god/mortal romance. Jane isn't some pushy feminist , she's certainly smart, but she lets her man do all the fighting and goes for the Elizabethan strong Nordic guy with the long golden locks.

There are no - ZERO promotions of race mixing, multi culturalism, anti racism, cultural marxism etc.
I actually really liked Thor on the level of dumb comic book entertainment. But after reading this guy, maybe I was missing something.

That said, while I find this moderately amusing, it's silly to pretend this tiny website is somehow representative of America Conservatism. These are a small subcategory of open racists, as witnessed by their low comment count; an article at Townhall (where I cull plenty of comments) might have up to 500 comments; the longest comment count I see here is maybe a tenth of that. So, amusing but irrelevant.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Someone is Paying John Hawkins to write Articles

Possibly. His articles are reprinted at Townhall, at any rate, and one presumes they aren't reprinted for free. It looks like he runs a number of websites, so possibly that's where his money come. His latest article is lazy as hell. It starts out with the observation that many liberals seem proud of America in the wake of our killing of Osama Bin Ladin.
Not that there aren't patriotic liberals. They certainly exist, much in the same manner that albino alligators exist. You see one every once in awhile in captivity, but if you ever run across one in the wild, you'll be genuinely surprised.
The rest of his column is a list of hateful things "liberals" have said. Not even recent comments. But oldy moldies from such liberal champions as Ward Churchill and Jeremiah Wright. In the wake of killing Osama bin Ladin it wouldn't be too hard to troll Liberal columnists and bloggers to find a few not joining in on the glee of Osama's death. But that would be too much work for the lazy Hawkins.

I wonder if he genuinely believes his quotes reflect mainstream liberalism; probably. I don't grant him enough wit to know how full of crap he is. His readers also genuinely believe Liberals to be hateful.
Liberals only seek to fundamentally change America, weaken her, overcome her and rule over her, and if they can't have theri way with her then destroy her.

Get the h*ll out of my country if you think it's so bad.
That last one is a common charge; which is fascinating when you think about it. The truth is that for many of these far right tea party guys, America is far closer to my vision than it is to theirs. They are going to have to overturn a century of progress to get us back to the Laissez Faire small Government Ideal. So why don't we ever offer to let them move to a third world strongman state? I guess because Liberals recognize a kinship with conservatives; we are all part of the same nation.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


This is from Dennis Prager's latest article, in which he chides Robert Klitzman for writing an article critical of his country, when he lost his sister in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
Asking what America did to elicit the hatred of Muslim terrorists is morally equivalent to asking what Jews did to arouse Nazi hatred, what blacks did to cause whites to lynch them, what Ukrainians did to arouse Stalin's hatred or what Tibetans did to incite China's hateful treatment of them.
It's a little different Prager because you have to take into account power and previous actions. Blacks in the South and Jews in Germany had no power. America has been, since the end of WW2 and possibly before, the most powerful nation on the planet.

Secondly we have actually done some lousy things in the middle east, even if we aren't going to talk about Israel and the Palestinians. We help prop up friendly dictatorships and have been since the days of the Shah.

Prager seems to belong to the "America is the bestest nation on all the earth" belief system; in which criticism of American actions abroad shows hatred of America somehow. His readers pretty much agree.
Hate America First!

It's written in stone. And it's the law of the liberal, progressive, far left.
It's sad how Conservatives look at things sometimes; they seem genuinely unable to understand how one can be critical of something that one loves.