Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Someone is Paying John Hawkins to write Articles

Possibly. His articles are reprinted at Townhall, at any rate, and one presumes they aren't reprinted for free. It looks like he runs a number of websites, so possibly that's where his money come. His latest article is lazy as hell. It starts out with the observation that many liberals seem proud of America in the wake of our killing of Osama Bin Ladin.
Not that there aren't patriotic liberals. They certainly exist, much in the same manner that albino alligators exist. You see one every once in awhile in captivity, but if you ever run across one in the wild, you'll be genuinely surprised.
The rest of his column is a list of hateful things "liberals" have said. Not even recent comments. But oldy moldies from such liberal champions as Ward Churchill and Jeremiah Wright. In the wake of killing Osama bin Ladin it wouldn't be too hard to troll Liberal columnists and bloggers to find a few not joining in on the glee of Osama's death. But that would be too much work for the lazy Hawkins.

I wonder if he genuinely believes his quotes reflect mainstream liberalism; probably. I don't grant him enough wit to know how full of crap he is. His readers also genuinely believe Liberals to be hateful.
Liberals only seek to fundamentally change America, weaken her, overcome her and rule over her, and if they can't have theri way with her then destroy her.

Get the h*ll out of my country if you think it's so bad.
That last one is a common charge; which is fascinating when you think about it. The truth is that for many of these far right tea party guys, America is far closer to my vision than it is to theirs. They are going to have to overturn a century of progress to get us back to the Laissez Faire small Government Ideal. So why don't we ever offer to let them move to a third world strongman state? I guess because Liberals recognize a kinship with conservatives; we are all part of the same nation.

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