Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Handicapping the Democrats

While some live in denial, more and more Republicans are starting to realize this may not be their year. There are, I suppose, a couple of ways to deal with that. One obvious way is to handicap the Democrats by, say, hitting their ankles with tire irons. Or by setting the bar very high for Democrats and then declaring victory when they fail to clear it, as William Rusher does in his latest article.
But, given the problems President Bush is facing in Iraq, the general deterioration of the situation in the Middle East, the threat posed by North Korea, the various incidents of corruption that have been breaking out in the executive branch and (mostly, though not entirely, among Republicans) in Congress, plus the fact that the generally healthy economy is overshadowed in the public's eyes by the continued high price of gasoline, the wonder is that the Democrats aren't widely considered sure to seize control of both houses of Congress in November and throw the Republican rascals out of the White House in 2008.
Yep. The fact that we aren't in a position to completely dominate America proves that we are weak and powerless.

Rusher trots out the usual arguments; Democrats don't have a vision for America, Democrats are just a collection of warring sub-groups, White people like Republicans. Yeah, I"m serious about that last one. White people, Males, Couples and small businesses like Republicans, so they win. Nice to see all the cards on the table like that.

It is pretty clear, incidentally, that every Democrat could recite a plan on national security, in unison, and Republican pundits would still bemoan the lack of a plan on the Democrat side of the fence.

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