Friday, August 04, 2006

The Dangers of Conversation

I don't know what Pat Buchanan's long term plans for his career were, but I don't think he intended to end up where he has.

Where he is is the guy at Townhall who can take on the president while still pissing off liberals. In his latest article he makes a pretty sensible point.
If we can talk to Khadafi, who has the blood of Americans on his hands, why cannot we talk to Bashar al-Assad and Ahmadinejad? Neither of them has slaughtered hundreds of Americans in a terror attack.

Before he launched his democracy project, Bush was warned that free elections would advance the fortunes of Islamic militants. At his insistence, the elections were held. Results:

In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood won 60 percent of the seats it contested. Hezbollah swept south Lebanon. Hamas recorded a stunning victory on the West Bank and Gaza. These were the freest and fairest elections ever held in those nations. But Bush refused to engage the winners.

The painful truth is that, in the Middle East, democracy will produce, as it does in the West, two dominant parties. One will be a state party, and the other is going to be a party rooted in the Islamic faith.

Time to recognize reality -- and stop isolating America.
This makes a lot of sense; you can't hold elections and then refuse to recognize the results. But this message doesn't go over very well with Mr. Buchanan's readers at Townhall.
The last time Pat ran for prez, he was called an isolationist. Now, he adcovates the opposite.

I don't know all of the politics of the situation. But as far as Bush II, he has at least been fairly consistent. He has not engaged or talked to any terrorists. Look at how he has handled every incident that has happened in the 6 years or so he has been in office. He has been a strong arm against Islamofascism.

I really don't care to speak to blood thirsty murderers who would slice my son's throat if given the chance. I have no time for them. In my opinion, they are the pigs and dogs that they call us.

Thanks, Pat, for reminding me one more time of what "talk" has brought us to over the last 50 years! Talk, where words are meaningless, is the escapist's mode of ignoring that which will eventually destroy freedom as we know it, and get us killed.

Talk got us 50 years of yet more talk and fighting "limited" (more compassionate) wars, and solving nothing. The time for the diplomacy of talk has long passed. History will record this time that Communists, fascists and the rest of the enemies of humanity united as never before creating an enemy more vicious and more dangerous than most of us ever thought possible. They must be destroyed by whatever means possible, and "talk" just isn't one of those means.
Oh well, I guess you can't please everybody, Mr. Buchanan.

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