Monday, August 07, 2006

Why Liberals Love Pedophiles

Haven't even read this article yet - just saw the title and knew this would (obviously) be my first article of the day. I suspect it's either hand wringing over how Liberals don't understand real evil or, since I'm a curable optimist, an examination of how over the top Conservative attacks on Liberals have been. I'll go read it now.

It's not an examination of how over the top Conservative attacks on Liberal have been. Rather it's an over the top attack on Liberals.

To start with I condemn child molesters, including those who build a philosophy around their molestation, like Phillip Distasio. Child Molestation is wrong.

I'm sorry to waste your time with the obvious, but I feel it necessary given the tone of this article.
Liberals love pedophiles, because they must do so to keep their own belief system intact.

. . . Since modern liberalism's true goal is the actual eradication of God, moral values, and the ideas of absolute right vs. wrong, it should surprise no one that not a single leftist politician in America has denounced Distasio. . . . The truth is liberals seek sexual utopia where no rules apply. Restraint has in fact become a dirty word to them. Self control - a throughly foreign concept.
I will note that I am unable to find any evidence that any conservative politician has condemned Distasio, either.

I don't know that there's much point responding to this, except to say that across America there are hundreds and maybe thousands of American Conservatives reading this and nodding along. That's not all conservatives (of course), but it's some.

Edited to Add Just corrected the link above. D'Oh. Also a bit more background on Phillip Distasio might make this more understandable. Phillip Distasio is a self proclaimed pagan friar who ran an afterschool program for children, whom he molested. He apparently selected autistic children who could not complain. He also has publically expressed his opinion that what he did was not wrong but a reasonable sexual preference. Once again, Make me a Commentator!!! condemns Phillip Distasio.

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