Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Press

I didn't see the interview Mike Wallace conducted with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I rather expect that the preconditions for holding such an interview precluded it being all that interesting, and it seems I am correct, at least based on Dennis Prager's latest column.

Of course Dennis Prager doesn't put the blame on the preconditions required for such an interview; rather the fault is Mike Wallace and CBS's terrorist loving hearts.
Last night, Communication for Barbarians Service broadcast Mike Wallace's equally meaningless interview with the Islamic Republic of Iran's fanatical leader.
Some of Pragers readers, like Flagwaver, are willing to take it a bit further.
The Fourth Estate is quickly becoming a fifth column! They treat the most murderous dictators with deference and respect (see Castro), they praise tyrants for winning near unanimous elections (see Hussein, Saddam) and now they allow the world's most dangerous anti-semite to answer softball questions from Mike Wallace. Add to that the fact that they seemingly seek out classified information to publish and report, and they are opposed to every anti-terror measure the G has put forth (see Patriot Act, terrorist surveillance, etc) and you have the media acting basically in concert with those that seek our destruction.
Sounds like if President Bush did decide to prosecute those in the press who upset his applecart, he'd have at least some support.

In other, but unrelated news, the New York Times revealed recently that they had the story on President Bush's warrantless wiretaps well before the 2004 elections but held up publishing the story for almost a year. I don't need to point out which candidate this particular choice benefited.

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