Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Bad Times in Wawayanda

I intend to do my best to continue following this story, first reported here on July 27th. Apparently the problems caused by the horses head are continuing to spread ripples through that community.

The husband of the woman who had a horses head placed in her pool has had an incident with the Republican Town Supervisor.
On Thursday, Soro voted against zoning legislation needed to bolster to the master plan, saying it had not addressed recommendations made by Orange County Planner David Church.

Ed Soro could not be reached for comment yesterday. But a witness said that the exchange began at the end of the meeting, when an audience member stood up and stated that just because a person had a horse's head thrown in her pool, she shouldn't take it out on the whole town.

Ed Soro first shouted at the speaker but turned to [Town Supervisor John] Razzano after the constable guarding the meeting walked toward Soro, the witness said.

Razzano bemoaned the bad feelings in the town. But it was unfair, he said, for the Soros to blame him or other board members for the horse's head.
Apparently they don't officially know who did it yet - two weeks later or there abouts. I suspect they aren't really trying that hard.

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