Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Paul Weyrich and Good News

I tried to write about this article last night. It's kind of upbeat and I was really pissed and depressed yesterday afternoon, so wanted to change the tone of the website. But for some reason I couldn't get Townhall to come up on my home computer. I suspect I'm under FBI surveillance following the marmalade Incident.

Anyway today it's working so here's the good news, from Paul Weyrich.
But here is the kicker and the reason why the Democrats have reason to be optimistic. Usually when pollsters ask about Congress, voters say nasty things about that institution. But when asked about their own Congressman, the voter says, oh, no, he is a good guy; we need to keep him in. This year, as in 1994 when Republicans won every seat possible, voters are saying bad things about Congress and then when asked about their own Congressman, only 57% said we ought to keep him. 43% said elect a new person. That number is bound to come down closer to the elections but even if as few as 10% of voters insisted upon electing a new Member it would be a revolution. Stay tuned.
This might be more handicapping, but it doesn't read that way. When you handicap you follow a specific pattern - if party x can't accomplish objective y it shows that they have no power, no skill, and gingivitis. There's none of that here. Rather it feels like a cold appraisal that the Democrats are going to win this one.

I will say that Weyrich also presumably believes that our gaining power for however briefly, will expose the Democrats as dopes who can't govern, so perhaps he's not altogether opposed to our victory.

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