Friday, August 18, 2006

Why Comment on Coulter?

We've gone through a round of Coulter commentary which regularly prompts the question "Why do you focus on her?" Prominent Liberal Bloggist Kevin Drum asked this question (not directed at me, who, I assume, he's never heard of) this week, and the Daily Howler responded to it. And in my opinion, nailed it out of the park.
Why would someone “bother to comment” on Coulter? Because she’s one of the most influential writers in the country? Because the landscape is crawling with people who don’t know they’re being played by her books? Because her message is getting out? We’d ask an obvious question ourselves: If we don’t bother responding to number-one New York Times best-sellers, what exactly do we respond to? What exactly are we saving our precious fluids for?
Damn straight.

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