Saturday, August 26, 2006

Muslim Menace

Interesting article by Douglas MacKinnon over at Townhall this morning that really tries to have it both ways. The author wants to warn us about the potential for our Muslim Countrymen to turn on us without saying that we need to be wary of all Muslims.
If home grown Islamists ready to kill in the name of God, are on the rise in Europe, what then of our nation? Do we face a similar threat? Commonsense would say "yes," while political correctness would order us to ignore the possibility.

I maintain that 99% of the population of anything as a whole, is good and just trying to do the right thing. That certainly includes the Muslim faith in the United States. I strongly believe that the overwhelming majority just want to be good citizens and good neighbors.

That said, if we accept the estimate that there are 6 million Muslim-Americans in our country, and 99% of them are law abiding citizens who are loyal to our nation, then that means that there may be -– may be -- 1% who might put a twisted version of Islamic extremism before the wellbeing of their fellow Americans. When you stop to think that 1% of 6 million is 60,000 individuals, that then seems like a very intimidating one percent.
What's interesting about this approach, and MacKinnon is not the only one to use it, is how it really doesn't present any kind of solution. I mean if we are living with 66,000 potential homegrown terrorists, what should we do?

Well MacKinnon won't tell you that. No author of the Muslim Menace articles will tell you what we should do about our Muslim Communities (except, maybe, Pat Buchanan). Nor will they spend much time on the 5,940,000 Muslims who aren't a threat to us. Rather the whole focus is on getting you afraid of Muslims (particularly young Muslim males). All that fear has to go someplace doesn't it? I mean being afraid all the time, don't you naturally seek a solution at some point?

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