Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Townhall knows what sells

Michael Medved's latest article is entitled "Crying Wolf on the issue of evil." This is a select article for Townhall - they chose to highlight it on their articles page with this caption.
Liberals regularly discredit themselves by their refusal to recognize the existence of evil in this world, and with their notorious reluctance to call that evil by its proper name.
So pretty much the opposite of the boy who cried wolf. The boy who cried wolf yelled about the wolf when there wasn't one; liberals watch wolves eating people and keep their mouth shut.

So I was confused as to this title going with this article, but as it turns out Medved's title does make sense. His article is about people who have attacked him as evil for being insufficiently anti immigration and about Katherine Harris' comments.
The attempt to place domestic policy disagreements in the context of the "eternal struggle of good versus evil" represents one of the most loathsome trends in contemporary politics. That tendency turns up regularly on the Left (with the Bush-Hitler analogy, or the charge that Cheney is the "real terrorist") and increasingly on the Right, with arguments that Democrats aren't just misguided (as they obviously are) but ungodly, vicious, inevitably sinful.
Amusing that he admits this trend, but has to pretend that the Dems are a lot worse and have been doing it a lot longer. Not entirely true.

After all let's go back to the selection Townhall chose to highlight. They knew that the argument that Republicans occasionally over sell the evil-ness of Liberals wasn't going to be very popular. So rather than put that, they emphasized the parts of your article that underlined our evil-ness.

One presumes that Townhall knows what it's readers want to hear.

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