Wednesday, August 23, 2006

From Safety to Where?

Tony Blankley writes an amusing article this week, in which he imagines the worst case scenarios arising from Bush following his critics advice. Apparently failing to stay the course in Iraq, blindly support Israeli aggression, or invade Iraq will have dire dire consequences. At least in the scenarios Mr. Blankley envisions.

Of course I can imagine scenarios which arise from our decision to "stay the course" in Iraq, Israel's decision to continue their assault on Lebanon and the Palestinian people, or our decision to invade Iran. Admittedly some of those, like the Israelis committing genocide against the Palestinian people, might not seem that bad to Mr. Blankley.

I particularly like the bit where he expects us to assume that the Iranians are less than a year away from developing the bomb - on the basis that the CIA was wrong in the past. The CIA was wrong, for example, about how close Saddam was to getting the bomb. But, of course, that's not what he's talking about. He's talking about the fact that they were wrong on the Soviet Union, North Korea and other nations getting the bomb.

What's most amusing about this dishonest article is it's title (where most of the dishonesty lies). The title is "Are Bush's Critics Right?" Offering no evidence that they are wrong, lazy Mr. Blankley chooses instead to imagine up scenarios in which they are proven wrong by future events. Easy and fun to do I suppose. But not really meaningful.

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