Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Pain of being Brent Bozell

Brent Bozell's life mission, one he has chosen for himself, is proving that the media is biased against conservatives and in favor of liberals. Back in the day this was the accepted view, even among many leftists/democrats. These days with numerous assaults on the conventional wisdom, he's got to come up with proof.

His latest article is about Ned Lamont; he's upset that he's being described as the Anti-War candidate, rather than the crazed extremist far left candidate. Of course the first label happens to be a bit more accurate than the second. When I read what the right wing is saying about Mr. Lamont I'm astounded at how they describe this fairly sensible business person who happens to oppose a war that, at this point, a majority of Americans oppose.

But then we get to the amusing "proof" of Media Bias.
CBS even offered that view, as reporter Trish Regan referred several times to "this now infamous kiss" from Bush to Lieberman at a State of the Union speech. Bush is "infamous"? Isn't that quite a leap for an "objective" network?
First of all, Mr. Bozell, it is the kiss that is infamous, not the President. Secondly, the reporter was clearly talking about how that kiss looked to Lamont supporters, not profering hers or CBS's opinion.

If you want insight into how Ned Lamont thinks, you might check out his op-ed piece for the Wall Street Journal.

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