Tuesday, August 08, 2006

On Throwing the Bums Out

This is the title of Bill Murchinson's latest article. You might think, as I did, that it has something to do with the fall elections. You would be wrong. Rather throw the bums out is Murchinson's amazingly callous way of suggestion we should invade other nations and kill their leaders. Specifically in this case, Iran and Syria.

What's hilarious is that he largely presents evidence that would seem to hurt his argument.
Dictator-toleration, as a foreign policy concept, is presently making a comeback. Iraq hasn't been good for the opposite principle, namely, throw the bum out. Nor, in practical terms, can there be any warrant for going after everyone in the world who might not like us.
He also brings up Cuba as an example of what happens if we fail to invade countries we don't like. I admit the Cuban Missle crisis was scary, and I'm no fan of Castro, but didn't we largely get away with leaving him alone? I mean he never invaded us, and outside of the Cuban Missle Crisis never really threatened us. Is that really an argument in favor of sending our troops to die and to kill in Iran and Syria?

I'll also note that Murchinson doesn't spend any time on the right wing dictators we supported during the cold war, nor the African and Asian Dictators we ignored (because they didn't happen to be near oil).

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