Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Music to My Ears

From Gary Aldrich's latest article.
Today, I have a tough time feeling any passion for the current administration or the political party that supports it. I call it "that passion thing."

Who could find anything inspirational? I once wondered if I had become burned out after 10 years of working within the Conservative Movement. However, when no one I know can find any inspiration either, I realize the answer is, "No, I am not burned out. There just isn't much to feel passionate about."
Yeah - that's right. Republicans do suck, as it turns out.

Alrdich's solution to these doldrums is kind of bizarre. He wants better boarder security (no surprise here), profiling of Muslim Men (impractical but there you go), and he wants us to present a bill to Iraq for our invasion and subsequent plunging into chaos of their country.
When we go into another country to take out their leadership because it is threatening, deadly, and oppressive, we do not apologize for wanting to send the people who live there, benefiting from the obvious positive change, a bill - especially when they are sitting on top of the world's largest oil reserves.

Yes, yes, it's nice that they can now vote and enjoy our freedoms. But how about asking them to pay the same price we paid for ours?
Did France present us with a bill at the end of the revolutionary war? I don't know exactly what he means by making them pay the same price we had to pay. At any rate this is a pretty crazy suggestion for two reasons. One it will never pass muster with the American people who like to think of themselves as the good guys. Two it would just give fuel to all the enemies of the United States in Iraq and destabilize that government even more than it is destabilized now.

But he does conclude on this hopeful note.
Why is the Conservative Movement wasting time with the Bush Administration? Do conservatives actually believe something conservative can happen in the next two years? Our time would be better spent finding and supporting Ronald Reagan's flag-carrier.
I totally agree - Conservatives should just sit out this election. And the next one - and maybe the one after that.

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