Thursday, August 30, 2007

Writing about the Fair Tax

Is proving profitable.

I am not as it turns out an economist. But I will note a few points worth making.

The people pushing the Fair Tax, in general, want to see drastic cutbacks in the power and scope of Government. One can assume that if the Fair Tax failed to generate the revenue of our current tax court, forcing dramatic cuts in government programs and services, they would not be displeased.

This makes me, as a non-economist, a bit suspicious. Just as I'm suspicious that people who hate Social Security are really working on saving it. Which explains why I find Bruce Bartlett more believable than those who are defending the Fair Tax.

I also don't get this whole pre-bate idea. I guess the theory is that at the beginning of the year you get a check from the Government - a fixed check based on how many people who live in your home and not based on your income. This supposedly changes the tax from being regressive (i.e. hitting poor and working class families harder than wealthy families) to being progressive.

I'm not sure I see it myself. If me and Bill Gates both get $3,000 in January, it doesn't really offset the fact that Fair Tax eats up some 20-30% of my income and 2 - 3% of his. But maybe I'm missing something

I've gotten a link from a website entitled The FairTax Pledge that makes the connection to Scientology a bit more plausible. It is a recently formed website dedicated to promoting the Fair Tax.
The wording needs some work but what we have to do is pledge our vote the candidate who will actively support the FairTax regardless of their or our party affiliation. Now I'm not typically a 'single issue' type of voter but when it comes down to it, getting the FairTax passed is one issue I'm willing to take my vote across the party line.
While I disagree with the Fair Tax, you have to admire people willing to work for a cause they believe in. I have no doubt this community genuinely believes that the Fair Tax will make things better for America.

I disagree with them of course; I think the chance of any Fair Tax being passed is slim, and I think it would be a very bad thing if any Fair Tax did pass.

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