Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"I had to say something / To strike him very weird,

So I yelled out, / "I like Fidel Castro and his beard."

In his latest article, Burt Prelutsky takes on those Americans who still support Communism. As is traditional, he doesn't say who these people are exactly, probably on purpose. Failing to define them let's his readers assume he's talking about Democrats or Liberals in general. His proof of our continued love for Communism? Several liberals have met with Fidel Castro and people buy Che Guevera Posters.

That seems a little flimsy to me.

He ends by talking about the John Birch Society's obsession with Fluoride.
I can’t recall exactly what it was the anti-fluoride crowd worried about. But if they suspected that, while toughening up our teeth, it would simultaneously weaken our national resolve and turn us into a bunch of weak-kneed, chicken-hearted, liberals, who insist we run from any fight we can’t win in five minutes, they just may have been right.
Are we at war with Communism? I thought we were at war with Islamofascism?

I note that Prelutsky no longer describes himself as a humorist; he's now an "accomplished, well-rounded writer." Problematic move. On the one hand, since he wasn't ever funny, maybe it's better to drop the humorist label. On the other hand, as evidenced by this article, he can't really be accused of making sense; as a humorist you could assume it was a joke you didn't get. But if he's trying to write seriously, . . . well, he's not succeeding.

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