Thursday, August 23, 2007

Winning is Losing

Republicans have decided that the Surge is working. And they've also decided that Democrats are seeing the progress. From those two Brookings institute guys (who always supported the war) to Carl Levin and Hillary Clinton (who have admitted that the military campaign my be producing some results, while not being enough to actually win) Democrats are finally admitting that this war is Winnable. Or such is the theme of Cal Thomas's latest article.

This presents a problem if you are what Republicans believe we Democrats are. See in their minds, we are already out in favor of losing the war in Iraq. I mean that practically our signature issue - "Let's Lose in Iraq!" And now that we are winning Democrats are going to have to very quickly jump to the other side of the fence if they want to retain their credibility with the American people.

Of course retaining or gaining credibility with people who believe that Democrats want to lose in Iraq seems like a losing proposition anyway.

I think the Republicans might be popping out the champagne a little early; it's still unsure how things are going to shake out in Iraq. The truth is that the political problems in Iraq are not yet solve, and may not be solvable in any reasonable time frame.

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