Monday, August 13, 2007

All Real Christians have the Right Opinion on Abortion

I'm tired of writing this post already.

Nathan Tabor, in his latest article, writes that Liberals who are running for President claim to be religious but really aren't.
Earley recognizes the ideological disconnect which occurs when candidates speak solemnly about religious faith, then flock to Planned Parenthood events to announce their unbridled support for abortion on demand.

"It’s difficult to imagine positions more at odds with the motivations of the very evangelical voters they’re trying to court,” Earley said. “Protecting the lives of unborn children has been the cornerstone of politically active Christians for the past thirty years.”
Of course there are two offensive implications here.

1. Democrat Faith is simply a stance taken for political gain.

2. All real Christians are opposed to legal abortion.

There's no room in Tabor's religion for a Christian who wants Abortion to be "Safe, Legal and Rare."

I also note that people who want abortion to remain legal are "radicals." Since they make up some 77% of the population (according to Wikipedia and a poll in 2003), this is some new definition of the term radical.

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