Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Bill Steigerwald, Idiot Scientist

Bill Steigerwald's latest article is about how the Sun is causing Global Warming, not man. That stupid sun. How dare it cause global warming. He notes that the sun is big and hot and puts out a ton of energy. All accurate as far as it goes. What he misses is how our greenhouse gasses are causing the earth retain more of the suns energy, creating global warming.

One imagines Steigerwald trying to explain a flood caused by a dam breaking. "You wee those rivers up in the mountains are sending down river all the time. Miles and miles of water. So it's silly to think that one little dam breaking could cause a flood. Really it was all the rivers fault."

At this point, those who oppose the theory of man-made global warming are really grasping at straws.

Oh and Bill Steigerwald isn't a scientist, according to his Townhall bio. He has worked as a docudrama researcher, which I guess is close enough.

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