Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Interesting Comments

Hugh Hewitt is talking about the Senator from Idaho that has gotten in trouble soliciting sex in an airport bathroom. Apparently the Senator plead guilty on the theory that this would be the quick way to solve this problem (or that is what he is claiming now). Well Hewitt doesn't think much of that theory.
. . . even if I did believe him, this would make his judgment too flawed to be in the United States Senate in a time of war. He has to go.
It would be interesting to consider who else's judgment is to flawed to be in the US Senate in a time of war. Probably everybody to the left of Lieberman I would guess.

Josh Marshall also commented on this story with a point worth considering as well.
Look, I wouldn't want to bring my 4-year-old son into the airport bathroom and stumble across two people having sex, gay or straight. It's tough enough getting in and out of the john without him touching every dirty surface or contributing to the mess with an errant aim. But sex didn't happen here. Even the propositioning is murky at best. And short of a proposition involving sex for money, what is illegal about inquiring about sex? Tactless, maybe. But criminal?
That's a fair question, in all honesty.

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