Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What Kind of People are We?

For those of you unaware, Ken Pollack and Mike O'Hanlon of the Brookings Institute have written an article at the New York Times claiming that things are getting better in Iraq. The story is that these are two hard-core liberals who have opposed the Iraq war, but now, faced with the evidence, have been forced to describe Iraq as a success. Glenn Greenwald has written a pair of posts (here and here) debunking the claim that these two ever opposed the Iraq war. Rather they've supported it since before the beginning.

Of course, since the story about Liberals suddenly coming around on Iraq is more fun than the truth, you can count on Conservatoids to ignore the facts and push the story. And that's what Rush Limbaugh is doing, with his attacks on Democrats particular Jack Murtha.
What kind of politicians, I ask again, would force their armies, their own country's armies from the battlefield, against an enemy that has killed 3,000 of these politicians fellow citizens, and promises to kill millions more, when the army is winning, when the armies are having great success, what kind of politicians are these? What kind of politician is Jack Murtha? What kind of man is Jack Murtha?
I don't know Rush. What kind of man pushes a failing war that's killing thousands of Americas and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis without even a twinge of self reflection? What sort of man gleefully sends our troops off to die, demanding they be sacrificed in the name of some elusive and possibly impossible victory? What kind of man is Rush Limbaugh?

I also note, with some amusement, that when the news is bad we must wait until September (or later) to evaluate. When the news is good, it's ready for consumption now.

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