Thursday, August 02, 2007

Woman are Evil

Yesterday Rush Limbaugh had a feminist update on his show. For those of you who have never had the misfortune to listen to Rush's show, he has a number of updates that he plays. Several for global warming, one for immigration, and so on. So he plays the Feminist update theme which is a song by the Forrester Sisters with a sample from a speech at a NOW rally, mixed and scratched to sound silly - they even speed it up so that the speaker sounds like a chipmunk. Real mature.

Anyway the Feminist update contained several stories. A woman in Florida who adopted 11 kids, underfed them and handcuffed them. A woman in Maryland who buried pre-term babies around her home, as well as one who may have been born. A 39 year old grandma who took her granddaughter selling drugs with her in California. A stay at home Mom who shot her kids and husband. Another woman who had babies and abandoned them. Two teenagers who kidnapped a pregnant teenager to steal her baby.

Because woman committing murder or child abuse is apparently relevant to Feminism. I'm not sure I see the connection. But wait, let's look at Rush's comments.
I didn't think this was possible. I did not think women were capable of this. This is what I have been told, as a man in my life in this country. Only men are the predators.

. . . This is not supposed to happen. Women do not do these things. Women are the nurturers and the protectors. They're innocent victims of a predatory male society.
Ah - so that explains it. Feminists have claimed that women are perfect and incapable of evil. These stories prove that woman are not perfect and are capable of evil. So feminism is proven to be false.

Gosh that's an easy way to disprove a movement or philosophy. Let me see if I can use it. Conservatism has claimed that up is down. However up is, by definition, up. So Conservatism has been proved to be false.

That was easy.

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