Friday, August 10, 2007

Democratic Presidential Candidates look to use Government to solve Problems

Stop the Presses.

This is of great concern to David Limbaugh, according to his latest article.
A disturbing theme coursing through every policy they promote is that almost every problem in America is caused by a wrong action or inaction of the federal government, which Democrats obviously believe is responsible for everything from people's jobs to their health care to global warming -- even their happiness.
Yeah it is pretty surprising that people trying to become the head of the Government would be asked about and have an opinion as to how the government can help people.

I've said it before, but Police Chief Wiggum of Springfield is the perfect government official in the Limbaugh Republican mindset. "Fine, let me tell you what I tell everybody who comes in here: the law is powerless to help you." And anybody who disagrees with the Republican plan of having government be radically useless is accused of wanting to fix every problem with the Government.

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