Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Retread Articles

One of the frustrating things about this format is that when a story pops, all the conservatoids rush to write about it. Moreover, there are certain tropes that even in the absence of a specific trigger will be written about regularly.

Take the idea that Democrats want the US to lose in Iraq. I've written on that some 10 times in the last few months, and probably rejected about twice that number of articles on the grounds that I just wrote about it. Today Ken Blackwell takes on this theme.
The Iraq War may have helped the Democrats win Congress in 2006, but now developments both in Iraq and here at home are putting the Democrats -- and especially Hillary Clinton -- in a position where they might try to redefine "victory" and "defeat" to help their political fortunes at the expense of our national interest, to our nation's shame.
Once again, it turns on whether or not you think the Iraq war is likely to be a success. Many if not most Republicans apparently do; many if not most Democrats do not. If you think the war is going to be a success, you have to get angry at those who want to pull out; conversely, if you think the war is going to be a failure, you have to get angry at those who want to keep throwing bodies in that particular meet grinder.

As I've pointed out already. Some 10 times or more. Very frustrating.

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