Tuesday, August 21, 2007

War! What is it Good For?

I was reading Glenn Greenwald, an activity I suggest you emulate, on the foreign Policy community, and it struck me how turned around it is and by extension how turned around we American's are. Greenwald's point is that to support war, any war, is the mark of a serious foreign policy thinker.

Consider, all of the leading Democratic candidates have made it clear that they will willingly lead us into war if necessary, and all of the Republican candidates have been positively blood thirsty in their hunger for war.

Shouldn't war be the last resort? War's a damn spicy meatball; shouldn't our foreign policy community and our politicians be a little more careful about it? Instead not going to war seems to be more of a last resort (one we have thankfully taken with North Korea given our concern that they have the bomb. I don't doubt that the serious thinkers in the Foreign policy community as well as our politicians would like to blow the hell out of North Korea; but it might be just too spicy a meatball).

Anyway I guess this isn't all that brilliant. Just noting that the world seems backwards. Makes me think that Dennis Kucinich is onto something with his whole Department of Peace idea.

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