Thursday, August 23, 2007

American Justice

Caught a bit of the Rush Limbaugh show, where he was talking about the NAACP and the Michael Vick situation. In comments on Michael Vick, the interim head of the NAACP had the temerity to suggest that our legal system discriminates against blacks and Hispanics. Rush's response was entertaining. He asked if Black people think that people get arrested on a lottery - his point being that Black people commit more crimes and that's why they are in jail.

That's not the whole story though, of course. Both Judges and Juries tend to be harder on Black and Hispanics, which isn't that hard to understand. It's easy to emphasize with a person who looks like you, a person you could imagine being. On the other hand if the person is definitely an other, well, it's a lot harder getting into their head or even trying to.

I can see why Rush wouldn't mention that though - it's easier to make fun of black people and Hispanics if you give them stupid positions.

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