Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Michael Medved Takes a Stand against Bombing Mecca or "Make 'em Made"

No hope presidential candidate Tom Tancredo, who up till now was running against hispanics has expanded his horizons to include other brown-skinned people. Specifically he has called for the United States to bomb Islam's holiest sites should another attack happen.

Medved, responding to this theory, noted that threatening to do something you have no intention of actually doing makes you look week. And actually blowing up mecca would probably backfire, inflaming the Islamic world against us to an even greater extent. He also deals with the theory that blowing up mecca would somehow cause Islam to collapse.
According to Mordecai’s logic, tens of millions of previously fervent believers would face a crisis of faith if American bombs succeeded in erasing the focus of their daily devotions and yearly pilgrimages; many of them, he insists, would turn away in disgust from the fanatical faith that had previously animated their lives. Never mind the fact that they’ve maintained their beliefs in the face of abundant prior evidence of the emptiness and falsehood of Mohammed’s promises that Islamic faith and practice would give believers permanent worldwide dominance over benighted infidels.

. . . Even in the unlikely event that he’s correct, and that the vast majority (say, 90%) of the world’s Islamic believers respond to Mecca’s destruction by abandoning Allah and rejecting the Prophet, that still leaves well over 100 million fanatics even more determined than before to sacrifice their lives, if necessary, to destroy America. The core problem of Islamo-Nazi terror has always been the fierce intensity and determination of the few, not the passive hostility of the many.
So all well and good. But Townhall readers, naturally have a different reaction to the idea of blowing up Mecca.
No medvel you dimwit....................
........When turning islamic cities into sheets of glass. Especially in saudi arabia. We don't stop at mecca and medina Take out at least two or three more major cities in saudi arabia. That country is the biggest exporter of hate in the mideast. And like a good little liberal after being attacked we don't wanna retaliate. That just might make 'em made. We obliterate 10 to 15 cities. These terrorist more importantly those countries that sponsor and fund terrorist will quickly realize that we ain't dirt farming anymore. No more pussyfootin' around. They're playin' with the big boys and the big boys don't play..................

When, not if, we get nuked ...
I'll feel sorry for the decent Muslims that live in this country. You gotta believe there is going to be wholesale chaos and bedlam against anyone who could even remotely be considered a sympathizer. Hopefully for Medved, he will have printed a retraction by then.

What's wrong with bombing Mecca????
Islam started there; it can end there.

That is the STATED AIM of Islamic terrorists who have publicly avowed to impose ISLAM, the religion of peace, upon the entire world with a SWORD...

There has been no word against this stated aim from anyone calling themself a "moderate" muslim.

Nice to see Townhall's readers have a firm grasp on on reality.

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