Friday, August 03, 2007

Daily Kos

I gather the Yearly Kos festival is going on just now; and several Presidential candidates, includiong Clinton, Obama and Edwards are scheduled to appear. So it's time for Conservatives to attack the Daily Kos, and we have an article to that effect by John Hawkins.

It's pretty standard; find some hateful things said by participants at Daily Kos, describe them as run of the mill, and condemn Democratic candidates for being willing to participate in an event with such evil people.

Let's look at a sample of the evil.
"And anyone -- Liebercrat or Republican -- who stands to oppose impeachment, conviction and removal should be tried for their role as accomplice in the sedition and treason against the United States." -- GreyHawk
Why that's awful.

Now let's look at some commentary at Townhall.
The inability of our Republican leaders on down to see the democrats as genuine enemies and their desire to instill tyranny. I guess you could compare it to the way the dems think of Al kaida, if you you just talk to them they'll change their ways and become friends. I view the democratic party as those who would destroy our nation for the sake of power over others' hopes and dreams. They must be destroyed at all costs! This IS a fight to the death....Let's Roll!!!
Hmmmmm. So should Bush be meeting with Conservative Commentators who participate at Townhall?

No because that's not the point. The point is that Liberalism is dark and evil and so attracts dark and evil people. Or so John Hawkins (and most conservatives) would like you to believe.

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