Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Too Much Self Criticism

Ben Shapiro feels that America runs the risk of being too self critical, and Hollywood isn't helping. Or at least, this is what he says in his latest article. Specifically he says that movies like the Bourne Ultimatum or Shooter are bad because they encourage excessive Self Criticism.
America should scrutinize her own policies. There is a difference, however, between self-scrutiny and self-flagellation designed to cripple the will to action. Hollywood recognizes no such distinction.
I'm not sure I see the distinction either; it seems like a fine line. I think it's worth questioning what action we need to the will to commit. If forced to guess, I'd say young Ben is talking about Invading Iran. I suppose he's right, realizing America's limits both physical and moral would prevent us from invading Iran. But since Invading Iran is pretty insane, I'm not sure I'd see that as a bad thing.

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