Friday, August 10, 2007

Presented without Comment. Ok Maybe a little comment.

Kenneth Cummings, a 46 gay flight attended was murdered by a man who wanted to send him to hell where he belonged.

You could glean these facts from an article by Sandy Rios, but I wouldn't advise it. After spending several paragraphs lamenting how picked on she has been, she gets around to mentioning that Kenneth Cummings was killed, which frankly seems a lot worse than being called nasty names and being named a runner up for Worst Person in the World by Kieth Olberman. But I suppose from Rios's perspective, Cummings death wasn't that much of a tragedy. She then goes on to explain why she feels like she needs to continue condemning homosexuals, in light of this murder.
Let me be clear: The murder of Kenneth Cummings and the loss to his loving family is tragic, but to think that the circumstances of his death should force others to be silent on the dangers of the homosexual lifestyle would be wrong-headed and irresponsible. I would have far more to answer for if I kept silent while he and other homosexual brothers and sisters remained tormented in this life and facing condemnation in the next.
Of course when it's you and yours that are doing the tormenting, well maybe your sorrow isn't all that heartfelt. They story, to you, isn't that Kenneth Cummings was killed for being gay, it's that he, what, brought it on himself by being gay?

It really feels like there's an underlying threat in Rios's tone here.

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