Thursday, August 02, 2007

When Pundits Attack

Larry Elder's article today starts with him seeing a bumper sticker he doesn't like (i.e. "War is not the Answer") and confronting the drivers of the car.
"Just curious," I said, "do you think people in Tehran drive around with bumper stickers like that?"
Good question Mr. Elder. But wait; are we at war with Tehran? Or do we just want to be? Or does Mr. Elder just want to be?

Anyway apparently Larry Elders Bumpersticker Vigilantism doesn't have quite the desired attempt. After walking up to strangers and harassing them because if their bumper sticker they give Mr. Elder the old familiar suggestion. Poor Mr. Elder.
Ah, yet another example of the "return to civility" after the Democrats' recapture of Congress.
Yeah - in a truly civil society when pundits come up to harass you you'd accept it with good gravy. Wait, I mean good grace.

The rest of Elders hastily put together lazy article is about how great things are going in the world thanks to Bush and how tough it must be on us "Bush-Haters" to see all these glorious things happening. As a card-carrying Bush Hater I figure I'll just wait and see what next week brings.

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