Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Social Liberals for the Republican Nominee

David Limbaugh's latest article is mostly about how conservative Christians are just better than the rest of us. And they don't cotton to Social Liberals. Unfortunately they got several candidates that are social liberals, like Mayor Guilliani. Guilliani might be the most formidable opponent in the Republican field, but he can't win social conservatives or "values voters" over to his side. Even Mitt Romney isn't that likely because he had the wrong opinion previously.
Much of Mitt Romney's difficulties with the base can be traced to its unease with his flip-flop on the life issue. It's not that the base is unforgiving concerning his past views, but that it is not sure his "conversion" is authentic. With the base, trust is as important as the underlying issues.

I admit I'm less certain than I was before 9/11 that it would be virtually impossible for a social liberal to capture the GOP nomination. But "virtually impossible" has only been upgraded to "highly unlikely."
We'll have to see what comes of this; perhaps Thompson's impending entrance into the race might change the playing field a little, but right now Guilliani is the strongest candidate, and David Limbaugh doesn't think he has a chance at the nomination. I can't say that I find that bad news.

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