Friday, August 31, 2007

A Non - Fair Tax related Post

Don't worry I got plenty more posts on the Fair Tax coming, I'm sure. But for a moment let's look at Douglas McKinnon. He thinks that Terrorists are bad. Hard to argue with that.
When it comes to fighting terrorists, our fellow citizens continually wonder what part of “We plan to exterminate America” our politicians don’t understand? They know that unless destroyed, these Islamists will never stop until their stated goal is achieved.
OK there's a few questions here. Absent some cartoonish super-villainy, do Terrorists actually have the power to exterminate Americans? No.

So Bryant does that mean you think Terrorism is no big deal? No. I think it is a big deal but I think you need to put it in it's proper perspective.

Can we actually destroy the Islamists? No. To say that we can is a childish fantasy or contemplation of Genocide.

At any rate, Douglas McKinnons belief that Terrorism works completely in Republican's favor is also a bit of a childish fantasy; I think Americans will consider how the first 7 years of Republican Terrorism fighting has gone.

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