Friday, November 09, 2007

Your Weekly Rush - Boys Don't Cook

I should say at the beginning I love to cook; hence there may be profanity ahead.
How many of you parents out there -- stick with me on this -- have little boys that are say, seven, six, five, and four? I know a lot of you do. How many of you have gone out and bought little play kitchens for them to play in? This is an Associated Press story, and it's a chickified news story, written by Melissa Kossler Dutton. "William Batson knows firsthand that when friends visit, they're likely to gather in the kitchen. The 6-year-old regularly invites guests into his play kitchen to prepare pretend meals, wash dishes or stow food in the refrigerator." We are raising the next generation of girlie men. In the kitchen, now!
Even with the transcript, it's hard to convey how boneheaded and dumbass Rush sounded. Basically he's disgusted with the idea of boys/men being encouraged to cook. I don't go to Rush for meaningful gender analysis but this is a new low.

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