Friday, November 09, 2007

Friday Beats - The Byrds "Younger than Yesterday"

"Good and Bad I define these terms, quite clear, no doubt, somehow"

This weeks pick is an oldie (obviously) but definitely worth a listen. In 1967 the first lineup of the Byrds was on it's last legs (and would fall apart during the making of their next album), but there was little sign of it in the music which is tight.

"Just get an electric guitar and take some time and learn how to play."

The singles, "So You Want to be a Rock'n'Roll Star" and "My Back Pages" are both brilliant. The former is propolsive and irreverent; the latter is more thoughtful. Other great tunes include the dream like "Renaissance Fair," the mournful "Everybody's Been Burned" and the flowing "Thoughts and Words."

"Loveliness to gaze upon / To feel your magic pulling me away"

It does have a clunker or two - particularly Crosbys tunelessly earnest "Mind Gardens." But for the most part even the secondary tracks are enjoyable. I should also note that the Columbia Reissue of this album adds 6 additional tracks, including the incredible "It Happens Each Day" also by Crosby (why couldn't he put that on the album and regulate "Mind Gardens" to a B-Side?). It also has the ironic "Don't Make Waves" and the beautiful "Lady Friend."

"Here it comes again, the night is going to fall"

Anyway if you haven't heard this album and are looking for some top-notch folk rock, check it out.

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