Thursday, November 29, 2007

Candidate Review - The Iraq War - Alan Keyes

This should be an interesting day. Alan Keyes believes the war in Iraq to be a mistake, but once the mistake is made, we have to support the mistake. He does spend a lot of time on his issues discussion on the United Nations, and how they should be involved in Iraq.
Having, however, determined that we were going to go to war, and what we said was the best interest of defending the American people against weapons of mass destruction and other terrible elements of terrorism, somebody explain to me why it is that we see fit to then take the question to the United Nations?

When we respond to an attack on the United States and are moving forward with a strategy necessary to defend ourselves, we don't have to ask a "by-your-leave" from the UN — especially not when the regime established by the UN to keep Iraq under control had collapsed, without any effective action from other member nations.

Now, after we won the military victory in Iraq — which, thank God, everybody assumed we would — what should have happened? Well — and this is not the wisdom of hindsight either, because I said so at the time — what we should have done at that point was to keep the security aspects to ourselves and turn all the political junk over to the UN. That's part of why it's there.
Is it just me or does Keyes see the UN as kind of a trash removal specialist? He makes it clear that he doesn't respect it as a body, and that we should ignore it when it comes to us, but they should still be happy to come in and clean up our messes? I'm not sure Keyes has an understanding of human psychology.

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