Thursday, November 15, 2007

Candidate Review - Health Care - Tom Tancredo

For Tom Tancredo the chance to comment on Health Care leads naturally to a discussion of Illegal Immigration. As do all other issues.
The two major problems are the high cost of care and the number of uninsured. Tort reform and immigration enforcement would save the system billions and drive down costs. In California alone, illegal immigrants cost the system $800 million annually and have forced 84 hospitals to close.
I find myself imagining Tancredo being asked "Representative Tancredo, what is your favorite parade?" "Well I'll tell you one parade I don't like. The Parade of Illegals across our border!" At any rate he has some other ideas as well, but you don't have to worry about socialized medicine with Tancredo.
As for the uninsured: as many as 25% of them are illegal aliens and should be deported or encouraged to leave. For citizens and legal residents who are employed by businesses which cannot afford coverage, I favor association health plans which band small businesses together to access lower cost insurance. For those out of work, state governments should be the primary source of relief, although I would not rule out federal incentives or limited subsidies to make sure families who have fallen on hard times are not without coverage.
Does that mean he thinks Association Health Plans are simply a good idea? Or does it mean that he favors using his office as President to encourage and support them in some fashion? Hard to say.

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