Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Oh Canada!

Michael Medved asks a very trenchant and meaningful question in his latest article, one I think we should all consider.
Those who claim that the United States has become a rapacious, arrogant, destructive, domineering and imperialistic power must somehow explain the continued independent existence of the nation of Canada.
Why haven't we invaded Canada? Why oh why?

Well cause Canada sucks. And we don't want it.

No actually Canada doesn't suck. The truth is we largely get everything we want out of Canada already, without invading it. The point to United States Imperialism in the 21st century isn't territory; if it was we would have made Iraq the 51st state. The point is control over natural resources. We are getting control over Iraq's national resources while allowing them to govern themselves (so long as they don't infringe on our interests). Frankly we largely treat Canada the same way (although we give them a lot more leeway, obviously).

Anyway the rest of Medved's article is an argument that we have always been a meddling nation, involved in wars and conflicts; this is true. Doesn't make it right, however.

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