Wednesday, November 14, 2007

President Bush's Tax Cuts

Walter E. Williams takes issue with calling Tax Cuts that President Bush drafted and championed and signed into law his tax cuts. Constitutionally I suppose he is correct.
Presidents can propose or veto taxes and Congress can override vetoes. The bottom line is that all taxing authority rests with the U.S. Congress. The next time you hear someone condemn or praise Bush's tax cuts, ask them whether the Constitution has been amended to give the president taxing authority.
Bit of a nitpick though, isn't it? I mean hooray for accuracy and all, but the truth is that if Gore had been President we wouldn't have gotten those Tax Cuts. President Bush was instrumental in passing them. I also note that he and his fellow Republicans aren't shy about attributing economic success to the Bush Tax Cuts.

Anyway the rest of William's article is about how rich pay more taxes than the poor. Of course he carefully doesn't mention the bit of tax cuts on the middle class, because that would, well, give the game away.

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