Thursday, November 08, 2007

Candidate Review - Fair Trade - Duncan Hunter

Duncan Hunter's issues page is one of the easier ones to use; all his issues are on one page, and the one's he doesn't care about get short shrift. Trade for example; he follows the populist isolationist line, with a side of China bashing
Further, America’s one-way-street trade relationship with China and other nations has reduced manufacturing jobs severely in the U.S. I would change the one-way-street into a two-way-street by putting the same charges on foreign goods that they put on ours.
He's also aware of NAFTA, but sees it mostly in terms of the illegal immigration issue.

I will say I mean easy to use for me; I don't think Hunter's issues page is very effective. It makes it seem like Hunter hasn't thought very hard about the issues, when you compare it to other websites that have a page or more dedicated to each group of issues.

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