Thursday, November 15, 2007

Candidate Review - Health Care - Wayne Wilson

I was kind of down after my review of McCain's health plan, but here comes Wayne Wilson to pick me right up.
. . . well-to-do liberals are indignant that ordinary folks like you and me can walk into any doctor’s office or hospital and receive the finest health care in the world. That’s a privilege that they think only they and their rich buddies deserve. That’s why when conservatives point out the waiting lists and inefficiencies of other state-run health care systems, the elitists know it, but don’t care. They want it that way. They want the quality and efficiency to go down so that ordinary citizens are denied or delayed service.
Yeap Wayne Wilson saw through our brilliant plan to keep ordinary Americans from having health care by giving them access to health care. We are so diabolical. Also of course we want to take more money away from you and we want social engineering. According to Wayne Wilson.

I will note that other than opposing Liberals evil plans, Wilson has no plans to address American Health Care. With it being the finest in the world, I guess I can see why. Funny how so many others seem to think it's an issue worth addressing, including all the Republicans. But oh well, I'm sure Wilson knows best.

Oh we'd like to thank Captain Oblivious for pointing out that "The FDA IS the Medical and Pharmaceutical industry, moron." down below. I'm not sure that's accurate - I thought there were these things called insurance companies and doctors and hospitals and what not, but possibly I've been misinformed.

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