Thursday, November 01, 2007

Candidate Review - Foreign Policy - Alan Keyes

Well Alan Keyes is too mighty to even mention diplomacy, in his section on Foreign Policy (or, more specifically, the war on terror, because that is the only foreign policy issue worth mentioning). In a world of Good and Evil Diplomacy serves no purpose. Apparently.
"What do you do about the war on terror" is like asking, "Do you want to die." No we don't — therefore we must defend ourselves against this threat, and we have no option and no choice. The issue is how are we going to fight it most effectively, how are we going to make sure we go after the terrorists and pre-empt their violence and destroy them before they destroy us?

. . . It turns out that the key to victory or defeat is moral understanding. The Islamic fascists are evil, and it is right to defend ourselves against them. But we do not fight them because they are Islamic, or even because they are fascists. We fight them because, by their practice of terror, they prove themselves to be people who have no regard for the fundamental tenets of decent conscience that we believe must be respected when human beings deal with one another, even in war.
So if you like preemptive war, you'll love Alan Keyes. Apparently.

Myself, I'm kind of glad he's another no-hoper.

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